Camp Deerhorn

is set within 100 acres of woodlands carved out of the Wisconsin wilderness and is more fun than you ever dreamed possible.

If you ask a first year camper what the best part about Deerhorn is, they will probably name several activities. But ask that camper the same question a few years later, and you will truly understand what makes Deerhorn so special.  He will tell you about how kind and supportive the counselors are, how Deerhorn is a safe place to try new things, and how much he loves getting to come back every year to see his friends. And as he grows up at Deerhorn and becomes a counselor, he will get tears in his eyes when he tells you about how much he loves his Deerhorn Family. Because a summer at Deerhorn gives so much more than fun,  growth, adventure, and independence. It’s the beginning of an incredible journey, where he finds courage to try and fail and try again, trust in his own strength and abilities, and friends that become family.

So what makes Deerhorn so special?  The Deerhorn Creed.   Written by our founder in 1930,  its values of kindness and generosity are the foundation upon which we were built, and it envelopes every aspect of camp, creating an atmosphere of acceptance, support, and cooperation. Our activities are taught with an emphasis on fun and improvement, rather than on competition or athletic ability.  This focus on improvement does wonders to build self-confidence.  We consider our activities to be lifetime sports that each boy can continue to enjoy throughout his life.  Whether he loves chasing a soccer ball down the field, making projects in arts & crafts, or just hanging out with the camp dogs, there is a place for him at Deerhorn.

Boys live in small rustic log cabins called koogees with three to eight other boys and a counselor, and meals are served family style in the dining area of our lodge.  We accept boys ages 7-16 and have many different session lengths available. Our Father Son camps are an incredible bonding experience and fill up very quickly in the fall.  In recent summers, boys came to Deerhorn from over 30 US states as well as England, France, Germany, Mexico, & Spain.

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I have loved that he gets to go to Deerhorn in the summers to learn and grow away from the pressures and watchful eye of his family.  I have always had complete faith in your Deerhorn family (My  husband thinks the world of you all) and truly value all you have done to nurture and guide him in being his best self.  He finds complete and total joy when in the woods at camp.  Camp is where he is in his happiest state and truest form!    I know that you have all left a lasting impression that he will hold in his spirit, heart, and mind throughout his lifetime.   Please thank all his counselors, leaders and Deerhorn staff that have meant so much to him and our family for their care and friendship. Thanks again for co-parenting our son!

Ann Birmingham, MI