2021 Dates & Tuition

(FS1) June Father/Son Camp Sunday, June 6 – Wednesday, June 9 $1680*
(FS2) June Father/Son Camp Thursday, June 10- Sunday, June 13 $1680**
(A) Ten Days Monday, June 14-Wednesday, June 23 $2268
(B) Two Weeks Thursday, June 24-Wednesday, July 7 $3150
(C) Three Weeks Thursday, July 8-Wednesday, July 28 $4326
(C7) One Week*** Thursday, July 8-Wednesday, July 14 $1696
(D) Ten Days Thursday, July 29-Saturday, August 7 $2268
(E) One Week*** Saturday, July 17-Friday, July 23 $1696
(FS3) August Father/Son Camp Sunday, August 8-Wednesday, August 11 $1680*
(FS4)August Father/Son Camp Thursday, August 12 – Sunday, August 15 $1680*

*Father Son Camp is $1680 for one dad and one son.  Each additional son is $814/person

**FS2 is only available to families whose sons are staying for the A session, and their younger siblings. Campers who are staying “A” session will sign up for FS2A, and stay until June 23, while younger siblings will sign up for FS2S and go home with their dads on Sunday, June 13.

***The one week C7 and E sessions are only available to 7-10 year old first-time campers.  All other sessions include boys ages 7-16.
Camp Deerhorn does not offer bus transportation for E session.
C7 Campers can take the camp bus to Deerhorn on July 8th, but there is no transportation offered home on July 14th. 

Campers are NOT allowed to arrive early or late for their session.

Campers departing the session early will not receive a refund for missed days.

Acceptance Policy – Camp Deerhorn will accept only returning applicants, their siblings, and prior year wait-listed boys until September 15th.  After this date, all applicants will be admitted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Upon acceptance, there is a deposit due of $1000 per child for 1 regular session and $500 per child for Father Son Camp and each additional regular session. Any returning camper enrolling before September 15th receives a 5% discount in tuition for camper-only sessions (not Father Son camp).

Deposit Refund Policy – Deerhorn will refund 75% of deposit for cancellations prior to December 1st, and 50% of deposit for cancellations between December 1st and March 31st. Deposits are non-refundable after March 31st. Withdrawing from one session, but remaining in another will result in forfeiture of the $500 deposit for the canceled session, according to the above schedule. This policy also applies to Father Son Camp.

Tuition balance is due April 1st.  Those who elect to pay by credit card or e-check will be automatically charged at that time. Those who elect to pay by check must postmark by April 1. Tuition payments in excess of the deposit are refundable until June 1st. Tuition is non-refundable after June 1st without written proof of medical emergency.

For each younger brother who enrolls, there is a 10% discount

There is a 5% discount for campers staying 2 camper only sessions, a 10% discount for campers staying 3 camper only sessions, and a 15% discount for campers staying the full season.