I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for giving our son a wonderful camp experience at Deerhorn! In a world, specifically at this time, where there is so much going on and constantly changing, it was a true blessing to know he was in place of peace, support and nature. We are true believers in the positive effect of slowing things down, keeping it simple, and treating others the way we want to be treated.  Again, it’s a blessing to know we are all sharing that same message.

Keri Wilmette, IL

Today I got accepted into my first choice college. I wanted to email you and tell you how much of a positive impact Deerhorn has made on my life. While I could’ve celebrated my successes, I genuinely wanted to thank the people who got me here. I couldn’t think of many people or things except Deerhorn. Without Deerhorn, I would not feel nearly as independent or confident in my abilities. The number of times I mentioned this camp and how great it is in my application was not enough. I would genuinely like to thank you and the rest of the Broadbridges for getting me to this point I’m at today.

Leo Chicago, IL

A huge thank you to you and everyone at Deerhorn for making his first experience a total success. He is full of stories, has a new confidence about him, and is even a bit “campsick.” And when he mentioned yesterday that he was trying to “live the creed”, it made me smile!! He’ll be back next year.

Kate Denver, CO

I just wanted to send a note of thanks.  This is his second summer at Deerhorn and, not surprisingly, cannot stop talking about camp.  It’s a non-stop monologue.  We knew how much he loved it the first time and this time his exuberance is even more exaggerated.  As his parents, we have  seen growth in his independence and leadership and self-confidence in just a short time.  He’s already working on his grand plan to go back for multiple sessions next summer:). We told him if he can help contribute by working (in addition to working hard in school!)  then maybe he can do it and he’s already making plans to get a job!
Thank you for all that you and your family does to make Deerhorn a special place.

Rebecca Chicago, IL

We wanted to write & thank you both for the incredible experience our son had at Deerhorn this summer! As usual, he returned with his head high- walking taller, smiling more & just looking & acting more mature in general! We can’t tell you how much he loved the Voyager Program. He enjoyed all of the preparation & of course the adventure itself. He’s told us many stories- the good, the bad & the funny!! He  really enjoyed that time getting to know you better & bonding w/ the other 10 voyagers. What a great group of boys!  (I was teary eyed behind my sunglasses watching him & his Voyager buddies hug one another & say their goodbyes in Wilmette (clearly lots of bonding took place this summer). As we walked to the car together carrying his trunk, he said, “I can’t believe this is my last year as a camper.” Gulp. Where did the time go? Camp Deerhorn & the Broadbridge Family have made a lifelong impact on our son! He is a kinder, more thoughtful, and more confident young man because of his experiences there. There aren’t enough words to thank you both for all you’ve done for him over the countless summers he’s spent at Deerhorn!

Megan Winnetka, IL

We just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for another amazing summer at Deerhorn. We were so lucky to have both boys get in on the fun this summer. Our older son reported that it just gets better each year throughout each camper year and then as an AC. His experience was so good – being with the whole staff group was a real treat and he loved moving into that role at camp! Both boys came home happy, exhausted, walking taller, not wanting to leave and with awesome memories – just the way we want them to come home! Deerhorn is a very special place & we are thankful it’s a part of our boys’ lives so thank you for everything! Both boys are already looking forward to next summer! 🙂

Emily Lake Forest, IL

I wanted to say thank you for all your help this summer.  You all have been amazing. I also wanted to thank you for all the joy Deerhorn has gave me as camper. I would not be the person I am today with out camp. When ever I am asked what my happy place is, I tell them Deerhorn without hesitation. Thank you for making every summer my favorite. I can’t wait to come back.

Walker Denver, CO

I wanted to express my genuine gratitude to all of the staff for putting together an amazing Father/Son weekend.  My boys and I had and absolute blast; it was a very special weekend.  It was so fun for me personally to reconnect to my summer experience there – hard to believe it was more than 30 years ago. Incredible that the Broadbridge family has kept it going all of these years and still doing it so well and probably better every year.

Scott Winnetka, IL

We want to express our gratitude for another great Deerhorn summer for our son (his 5th one!). He came home glowing, with stories about old and new friends, awesome counselors, games, competitions, activities, and his trip to Lake Superior.  From a parent perspective, we have had two other kids go to other camps this summer so we have gained perspective and appreciation for how well-run Deerhorn is- both for the campers daily experience and for the parents. We appreciate the level of communication (blog updates, pictures) – it helps us feel connected to his experience and know how accessible you have always been for questions.  Many thanks again for an enriching and happy experience at camp.

Emily Winnetka, IL

I just wanted to follow up and say thank you so much for such a great summer. I had the time of my life this summer and it was an experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I wanted to say thank you to all the Broadbridges for having me back as a staff member this year. I was able to meet a great group of guys and girls and reconnect with so many amazing people that I thought I might never see again. This summer was the happiest I’d been in a very long time, and I went back home not only habitually spouting random camp slang but also with a newfound sense of confidence and a new perspective on the world around me. Deerhorn is very special and I’m yet to hear of another place that has that sort of effect on people.

Braden Cincinnati, OH