A Look Back at Leaders-Sully Sherry

Last, but certainly not least, in our Look Back series, is Sully Sherry. This will be Sully’s 8th year at Deerhorn, he is from Denver, Colorado, and he will be leading the 2024 Deerhorn Bobcats. Here’s what his parents have to say about his 8 years at Deerhorn.   While we love all that Colorado […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Walker Blaustein

Next up in on Look Back at Leaders series, we hear from Walker Blaustein’s parents about his years at Deerhorn. Walker is from Denver, Colorado, and this will be his 7th year at Deerhorn. He is leading the 2024 Deerhorn Bears! Walker seems to be the best version of himself while at Camp Deerhorn.  The […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Navin Linson

Next up in our Look Back series, we get to hear from Priya and Josh Linson, Navin’s parents. Navin is the Leader of the 2024 Deerhorn Wolves, is from Willowbrook, IL, and is returning to Deerhorn for his 8th summer!     It’s hard to believe that I’m writing this post, after reading Leader “look-backs” […]

Camper Questions

This is the fourth and final in a series of blog posts geared toward 1st year campers. Check out the other three if you missed them. The first one shares some great tips for first-time parents.  The second covers opening day, and the third talks about what to expect the first few days at Deerhorn.  […]

Learning the Ropes

As the summer is drawing ever closer, we hope you are getting excited to spend a few weeks with us this summer. This blog is a continuation in our series geared toward our first-year campers. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but you will be amazed at how quickly you feel at home […]

Your 1st Day at Deerhorn

This coming summer, we have more than 150 kids who will be coming to Camp Deerhorn for the first time. Even those who have attended Father Son camp with their dads will find that the schedule for regular sessions is quite different. We are super excited to welcome these new campers into the Deerhorn Family. […]

His First Year at Deerhorn

We can’t believe it’s almost April! Summer will be here before we know it, and we will welcome home hundreds of  campers who know how awesome Deerhorn is.  But we also have 152 campers who will be joining the Deerhorn Family, coming to camp for their first summer at Deerhorn on their own. And we […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Desmond Mangat

Every year, we ask the parents of our 4 Deerhorn Leaders to look back at their son’s years at Deerhorn. It’s so fun to hear them reflect on all the years their kids have spent at camp and the growth they’ve seen along the way. We kick off our Look Back series with Desmond Mangat, […]

The 2024 Deerhorn Leaders

This day every year is always both the best and the worst. It’s the easiest and the hardest.  It is the best because we get to introduce you to four incredible kids who will lead our 4 camp teams next summer. It’s the worst because introducing them means also having to send emails to all […]

Expect Greatness

At the end of last summer, we were between sessions and a group of us went out to dinner before the next Father Son session started the following day. While at the restaurant, we noticed a group of two dads and two sons also having dinner. Knowing they were likely heading to Father Son camp […]