The Force of a River

There is a book called Everest to Enlightenment, written by Alan Hobsen. In it, he details how he took the failure of two previous expeditions to Mount Everest and turned them into a resounding personal triumph. In one section, he … Continued

The Best is Yet to Come

The summer of 2017 was incredible.  We had an incredible staff, supportive parents, and fun, energetic campers. We broke records for total enrollment, and 2018 is on track to break those records again. Because of our enrollment numbers, and due to … Continued

Homesickness Round 2

As camp directors, we have faced homesickness hundreds of times. We know that it is usually most common in first year campers, but that even returning kids can struggle with it for a few years. We know how to distract … Continued

Anton and friends having a blast on the Rave

A Regular Fellow

“What is a ‘regular fellow?’” This is the question posed by Walt Szafran, leader of the 2017 Apache, in his Water Campfire speech this year. (Walt’s speech starts around the 10 minute  mark on the video.) He was referring to … Continued

2018 Leaders Four

2018 Deerhorn Leaders

This day of the year is always the best day and the worst day, all rolled into one. It’s the best day because we get to make the phone calls to four very deserving teenagers, asking them to be Deerhorn … Continued

McKinley, Michael, and Matt Shea


I wrote a blog last spring about The Importance of Community. It was in response to my parents having been recently hit by a drunk driver. They both survived but not without lasting impact and the accident left me struggling … Continued

A Brilliant Ending

It was a gorgeous blue sky day for our last full day of 2017. We couldn’t have hand-picked better weather. Today was our guided fishing day, and although everyone had a blast with our guides, only one family was lucky … Continued

Fun With Friends

Though our day was mostly cool and cloudy, we were relieved that there was no rain!  Breakfast this morning was french toast and bacon, and then it was time to start the fun! Shooting sports are always super popular at … Continued

What Rain?

Our first day of Father Son 4 was chock full of smiles, laughter, trips down the slide, rifle shooting, horseback rides, and launches off the Rave…even in the pouring rain! It didn’t rain all day, but we definitely had pockets … Continued

Here Comes the Sun!

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to finish off this Father Son camp! Though the day dawned grey and foggy, the fog burned off by mid-morning and we enjoyed gorgeous sunshine the rest of the afternoon. The … Continued