C Session Brothers and Friends

It’s another warm, beautiful day here at Camp Deerhorn! We had bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Sports and Games is playing Hucka Freya on the soccer field, which is what our staff calls Ultimate Frisbee! Kids continue to work hard in activities, wanting to earn stars both for a patch at the end […]

2024 C Session Koogees

It was another beauty of a day! Sunny skies, warm weather, such a gift after lots of rain in June! Sports and Games played Balco Ball. It involves a wiffle ball wrapped in duct tape, a wiffle ball bat, and the outfield of DK Field. Yet another crazy Deerhorn game! We got koogee pictures yesterday […]

A Sunny Day

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer, so we’re grateful for every sunny day we get! It was beautiful sun for another full day of Deerhorn activities! Sports and Games played Rugby on the soccer field. We had orange chicken for lunch and a delicious chicken, broccoli, and cheese casserole for dinner. Pioneers spent […]

Pioneers Are Home!

Most of today was warm and sunny, perfect for a full day of activities. It rained from 4-6, but otherwise it was a gorgeous day. Sports and Games played Star Wars on the baseball field, which is a camper favorite Deerhorn game. Breakfast was scrambled egg bake and tater tots, lunch was grilled cheese and […]

2024 C Session Teams

Breakfast this morning was french toast and bacon. Kids found out what activity groups they were in after breakfast (so much cheering), and then they were off and running!  (Literally. These kids run everywhere.) Sports and Games played World Cup Soccer on the soccer field today. Third period in the morning ended a little early […]

C Session is HERE!

Opening day of C session dawned bright and sunny.  Breakfast was cinnamon rolls and sausage. Kids who stayed over and kids who arrived by car were put into temporary activity groups for the day and did activities such as kickball, sproutball, and beach volleyball throughout the day. After quesadillas for lunch, the kids who arrived […]

Whirlwind Fun

Phew! Apologies for no blog post yesterday! It was both the last full day of B session and a national holiday, so we didn’t stop running all day! The morning was the last three periods of regular activities for B session. Kids worked hard to earn those final stars. Kids were excited for the 4th […]

Polar Opposites

Wisconsin weather is weird. Yesterday it was chilly, windy, and it was spitting rain off and on all day. Grey and cloudy, we were all dressed in layers all day.  Today could not have been more different! We woke to a warmer morning, the sun shone all day, and it got up into the 80s. […]

Pioneers & Chariots

It was a jam-packed day at Deerhorn today! The Pioneers were up early this morning to leave for their 8 day backpacking expedition to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. They were SO excited to go! They even had a fan club show up to see them off! Everyone else got to sleep in an hour this […]

Brothers & Friends

We love announcing brother pics after a meal and seeing who shows up. All the brothers do, of course, and often cousins as well. But there are always lots more kids who show up, who just want their picture taken with their “Deerhorn Brothers.” Boys aren’t often ones for pictures, but they love the brother […]