Every year we pick four 16 year old campers to lead our four camp teams: the Apache, Chippewa, Iroquois, and Navajo. These four boys have shown loyalty and service to Deerhorn and have proven themselves to already be leaders and role models.  Kids look up to these leaders as they strive to live their lives according to the Deerhorn Creed.


Even kids who aren’t as focused on competition enjoy being part of the team and competing together in the evening activities and Sunday afternoon all-camp events. They are proud to be part of their team, and wear their colors proudly.


Each camper can also earn stars in each activity: red, blue, & gold. The points earned help him earn a patch at the end of the session, and also contribute toward the team total. Many kids report that the team competitions are their favorite part of camp.


Meet the Deerhorn Leaders of 2017



Walt Szafran hails from Wilmette, IL, and this summer will be his 7th as a Deerhorn camper.  He is proud to be leading the Apache.



TJ Farrell is the proud leader of the 2017 Chippewa.  He comes to Deerhorn from Colorado Springs, CO,and this summer will be his 8th as a camper.



Michael Thistlethwaite is proud to be the Iroquois leader for 2017, and he is from Troy, Michigan.  This summer will be his 8th as a camper.


Parker Frautschi  is returning to camp for his 8th summer.  He will be leading the Navajo, and comes from Somis, California.






The Summer of 2017

The Chippew have held their lead and won the summer of 2017!

1st Place- Chippewa 110,800 

2nd Place- Navajo 104,775

3rd Place- Apache 100,600

4th Place- Iroquois 96,775