Hopes and Plans

I read a quote once that said “Hope is the feeling you have that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.” That felt like such an accurate description of hope, holding onto the idea that no matter how hard life felt right now, eventually things were going to get better. Ten years ago this month I […]

The Long Haul

This blog is a repost of an article from the Washington Post, written by Christine Koh. It spoke to me deeply as a parent, and was a good reminder that I wasn’t alone. With warmer weather and more vaccines on the horizon, and cases on the decline, there are many reasons for hope. But the […]

March 1 Deerhorn Update

It always feels hopeful when we turn the calendar to March. The days are getting longer, and we’ve made it through a dark, cold winter, though it will be many more weeks before all the snow is gone at camp!  We are still busily planning for the summer of 2021, and we wanted to update […]