A Look Back at Leaders-Dylan Tackett

Our final blog in our Look Back at Leaders series introduces us to Dylan Tackett, Leader of the 2023 Deerhorn Bobcats. This will be Dylan’s 8th summer as a Deerhorn camper, and, as always, we love hearing what his parents have to say about all of his years spent at camp! 2015 was Dylan’s first […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Walker Bruce

Next up in our Look Back at Leaders series, we introduce you to Walker Bruce. Walker is returning to Deerhorn for his 8th summer as a camper, and will be leading the Deerhorn Eagles. Here’s what Walker’s parents have to say about his tenure at Deerhorn! Before we look back further, we want you to […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Connor Wood

Our Look Back at Leaders series continues this week as we introduce you to Connor Wood. Connor is returning to Deerhorn for his 5th summer in 2023, leading the Deerhorn Bears. We asked his parents to reflect on Connor’s years at Deerhorn, and for this blog, Connor interviewed his parents! Q & A with Connor […]

Camper Questions

This is the fourth in a series of blog posts geared toward 1st year campers. Check out the other three if you missed them. The first one shares some great tips for first-time parents.  The second covers opening day, and the third talks about what to expect the first few days at Deerhorn.   We hope […]

Learning the Ropes

As the summer is drawing ever closer, we hope you are getting excited to spend a few weeks with us this summer. This blog is a continuation in our series geared toward our first-year campers. It may seem a little overwhelming at first, but you will be amazed at how quickly you feel at home […]

Your 1st Day at Deerhorn

This coming summer, we have more than 140 kids who will be coming to Camp Deerhorn for the first time. Even those who have attended Father Son camp with their dads will find that the schedule for regular sessions is quite different. We are super excited to welcome these new campers into the Deerhorn Family. […]

His First Year at Deerhorn

We can’t believe it’s already April! Summer will be here before we know it, and we will welcome home hundreds of  campers who know how awesome Deerhorn is.  But we also have 142 campers who will be joining the Deerhorn Family, coming to camp for their first summer at Deerhorn on their own. And we […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Nelson Goodrich

Every year, we ask the parents of our 4 Leaders to write a guest blog post, looking back on their son’s years at Deerhorn. We love hearing about those early years, when the love of Deerhorn really took hold! We can’t wait to spend the summer with our four incredible Leaders. Today, Nelson Goodrich’s parents […]

Deerhorn Parent Hacks

Everywhere you turn there are videos and social media posts with parenting hacks, life hacks, time-saving hacks…so we figured it was time for a blog about Deerhorn parent hacks! Some are tips from veteran Deerhorn parents, while others are just explanations about how things work at camp. Many of them are great to share with […]

Two Things Are True

Two things are true. This has become my new favorite mantra in recent months. It’s so applicable to so many things in life. So often in life we use “but” when we should use “and.” “I love my kids, but they can drive me crazy.” “My job is so fulfilling, but it can be so […]