More Fun in the Sun

It was another gorgeous day at Camp Deerhorn, chock full of sunshine and joy. The waterfront was busy again today, as the temperature climbed to 85 degrees. But sailing, skiing, swimming, and kayaking weren’t the only popular activities. Alvaro said … Continued

For the First Time in Forever

There were trips down the waterslide…sailboats ripping across the lake…kids learning to shoot archery…horses ridden on trails…laughter, running, KIDS at camp! How do we even begin to put into words what this day means to all of us? Not just … Continued

Camper Questions

May is here, which means camp starts next month! This is the third in a series of blog posts geared toward 1st year campers. Check out the first two if you missed them.  The first one covers opening day and … Continued

Learning the Ropes

As the summer is drawing ever closer, we hope you are getting excited to spend a few weeks with us this summer. This blog is a continuation in our series geared toward our first-year campers. It may seem a little … Continued

Your 1st Day at Deerhorn

This coming summer, we have more than 150 kids who will be coming to Camp Deerhorn for the first time, more than ever before. Even those who have attended Father Son camp with their dads will find that the schedule … Continued

Look For Ponies

Today we would like to share another letter from a grateful Deerhorn parent. Where do I even begin to thank you and your family?  The boys had such a wonderful time.  As they have gotten older, but in particular this … Continued

Here’s to 90 More

Our 90th summer was an incredible one. Our staff was incredible, the four Leaders did an amazing job, and we were surrounded all summer with the best kids you could ever hope to meet. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to … Continued

A Great Day of Fishing

We are SO grateful that the weather today is a 180 degree difference from yesterday! While it dawned cool and foggy, the fog quickly burned off and gave way to beautiful sunshine and 80 degrees the entire day! It was … Continued

Rain Can’t Stop Us

So today’s weather wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. We awoke this morning to cooler temperatures and rain, and it has been raining off and on all day. Luckily the rain quit after breakfast, and we had a full morning of … Continued

The Best for Last

Although the day started cloudy and drizzly, the sun eventually emerged and it turned into a beautiful day. We are so grateful for good weather to start our last Father Son session, ending out the summer of 2019. This session … Continued