I wanted to send a note and a BIG HUGE thank you to you & all of the staff for such an amazing experience over the course of his last several years.  We are very grateful for all that you do!!! You guys are wonderful and give these kids the very best experiences.  Its good to be a Deerhorn kid!


Anne Chicago, IL

You really have a special place. I get it, remember it from my own childhood, etc. — but those special places are rare. And so few people even know what you’re talking about because so few have ever been lucky enough to have one during their formative years. You should be so proud of what you have built.

Brad Bloomfield Hills, MI

Where do I even begin to thank you and your family? The boys had such a wonderful time. As they have gotten older, but in particular this year, they seem to really appreciate just how special their time at Deerhorn is. They came home filled with happy stories and they are that much tighter as brothers. In short, Deerhorn is fresh air for their souls. We always notice how calm and grown up they seem when they return, and this year was no exception.

Lisa Chicago, IL

The friendships he has made at Deerhorn over the years are deeper and stronger than any others, including childhood or family friends. I have no doubt that they will always be a part of each other’s lives. I know that he will continue to return to camp in whatever capacity he can for years to come. As much as we hate parting with him for the summer, the maturity and growth he experiences at camp is better than anything we could do for him at home.

Sally Toledo, OH

When he returned from Voyager, I remember being amazed by the change in him: his maturity, responsibleness, his ownership of The Creed as a guide for living his life, and his profound sense of brotherhood with his fellow Voyagers. He was always a mature, responsible kid, but we really saw a transformation in him that was surprising. I know he still views it as one of the formative experiences of his childhood.

Sue Northfield, IL

I just wanted to thank you and everyone else up there for the wonderful time that he had up at Camp Deerhorn. He’s come back a more confident, independent, and even happier kid than before when he went up there.

Michael Wilmette, IL

Thank you again for providing a place where these young men can exhale, reflect, and grow. It is priceless, and has been a cornerstone in his development.

Rebecca London, England

Thank you for another incredible experience for our two boys. They feel so at home at Deerhorn and more than love their time with you in the North Woods. We are forever grateful for what you do to help shape our boys into the independent and kind young men they are becoming.

Anne Marie Denver, CO

Thank you for everything you have done in creating the culture at Deerhorn and the impact it has had on our boys. As you know, it takes a village and Deerhorn is part of their/our village and a huge part of who they are. The example your family, the counselors, etc. set for them is incredible and something we are eternally grateful for… so thank you!

Patrick Chicago, IL

Thank you for all you do for all the boys.
You all have cultivated such rich soil for the boys to grow each summer. We are immensely grateful.

Mary Winnetka, IL