I am so grateful for all that you all do. As parents, we never really know that the decisions that we make on our children’s behalf are right when we make them; sending him to camp in the first year has almost certainly been the single best decision we have made as parents for him. As his mom, I have obviously always seen the best side of him, even when others can’t or don’t. It is such a good feeling to have other people acknowledge the things that I see in him. Thank you!

Suzy Winnetka, IL

We can’t thank you enough for the experiences he has had. He has grown personally, become more confident, made new friends and pushed his comfort zones in ways that haven’t happened during the rest of the year. Most importantly, he is happy. And for that, we are so grateful.

Carin Miami, FL

My husband and I continue to be impressed with the amount of care, consideration and thoughtfulness that goes into everything you do at Deerhorn. We know that he will be in great hands this summer and will be building skills (both tangible and intangible) that will last a lifetime.

Anne Chicago, IL

First and foremost, my children were invested in. They grew. They learned. They built confidence and friendships. They laughed and were filled with joy and memories. They witnessed real people acting out the very creed I read on the internet when I was pondering this family vacation. Camp Deerhorn is touching these kids’ lives who then go out into the world and touch more lives. What brought out the deepest emotions of my experience was the knowledge that a place like this exists. Yes, it can be done. It does exist. And, I was a part of it and forever it will be a part of me.

Rocky Lisle, IL

I can’t let another day pass, without taking a moment to thank each of you for the fabulous camp experience our son had the last two weeks.  He returned home raving (and talking non-stop) about every activity, all the food and all the campers and the entire staff.    His only complaint — that he was picked up from camp two to three weeks too early! I’m not sure how you did it, but my normally skeptical child has been finding the sunshine in everyone, and quoting the Deerhorn Creed around the house.     It is music to my ears to hear my 11 year old talk about not being a “knocker!”   It has been wonderful to have him come home more responsible, more confident, and as happy & excited as I have ever seen him.

Dawn Park Ridge, IL

I wanted to write your family as a first time camper and let you know how wonderful of an experience my son  and I had at your camp. I have recalled our visit so many times in the last week. We have a very rambunctious son that goes a 1000 miles an hour day in and day out. There was a moment at camp that I will never forget. It was at the last camp fire where he sat in my lap and leaned back on me and said, “Daddy, I am calm”.  It stopped my heart. What your family provides is truly magic. Thank you including us in such an experience that we will cherish.  We will count the days until next summer.

Dobbs Cincinnati, OH

In my life, there are just a handful of people and places and experiences that are truly responsible for the person I am today, and you, your family, and Deerhorn are right there at the top. To be given the opportunity to share that this past June with my son was a memory and a whole new experience to add to the heap that was so powerful.  It brings me such happiness when I’m with you guys at camp. It’s always so real and true and pure and right for all the right reasons. Watching my son make his first connections with you guys … his little shy smiles and short conversations … it warmed my heart to the core.

Mike Wilmette, IL

Our son had an “AMAZING” time, as reported over and over in the week following camp!!  “Best camp ever” and “sign me up for next year” were just a couple of the proclamations made.  Thank you so much for the great care you take with your campers and for providing the type of experience that most kids don’t get enough of; pure, wholesome fun.  I can’t thank you enough for the terrific program you have upheld and nurtured for so many years.  Camp Deerhorn is a special, special place.

Renee Lake Bluff, IL

I know that people tell you all the time that camp is great. But for real. It is. Deerhorn is such a home! And home is a surrounding of people with whom you feel safe and who you are able to trust and delight in and be delighted in and where you can completely be at rest in yourself. I think that places like this are rare, rare precious stones. Deerhorn is absolutely one of them. Each one of you have been and will continue to be be greatly blessed for the love that you open yourselves to and for the love that you allow to flow from your lives.

Hannah Houghton, MI

I just wanted to thank you all again for a wonderful working experience at Camp Deerhorn this summer. I have never met a group of people such as yourselves, with such great kindness and genuine compassion for your friends and family, and I am so lucky to have worked with you over the last couple of weeks. Deerhorn holds many dear and happy memories for me, and I desperately wish that I could’ve been a camper there!

Ali Washington, D.C.