He is truly his best self at camp – you all provide such a fantastic environment  where our boys can be themselves and thrive in so many ways.  Your family and your staff are great role models and friends!  Thanks!

Kate Winnetka, IL

I have loved that he gets to go to Deerhorn in the summers to learn and grow away from the pressures and watchful eye of his family.  I have always had complete faith in your Deerhorn family (My  husband thinks the world of you all) and truly value all you have done to nurture and guide him in being his best self.  He finds complete and total joy when in the woods at camp.  Camp is where he is in his happiest state and truest form!    I know that you have all left a lasting impression that he will hold in his spirit, heart, and mind throughout his lifetime.   Please thank all his counselors, leaders and Deerhorn staff that have meant so much to him and our family for their care and friendship. Thanks again for co-parenting our son!

Ann Birmingham, MI

It’s a terrific affirmation to enter in to a child’s community to learn that he’s a good citizen as a participant and a caring human.  He loves CDH, he loves its people, the encouragement, and the activity. Thank you for helping us make our son the good guy he’s shaping up to be.

Hugh Wilmette, IL

He had an exceptional summer at Deerhorn (I KNEW he would).  I am an ardent and adamant believer in the importance of the summer camp experience…BRAVO and my gratitude for a job well done (I know this is no easy feat). Thank you and your team for being so good to my son. God willing, we look forward to MANY more summers at Deerhorn… he  got off the bus already talking about next summer!! Your family and staff deserve my highest praise and endless gratitude.

Courtney Winnetka, IL

Camp Deerhorn has been life forming for our son.  He comes home elated, confident, comfortable with who he is, well accepted and boosting with energy.  I honestly don’t know how you do it.  Sometimes I wonder if you have a special pixie dust in the woods.  For our son, where academics and learning has always been a struggle,  the school year can often be exhausting.  But, when he comes back from Deerhorn, he’s like a different kid.  His letters are hysterical with comments like, “I want to spend the rest of my life here.”  “This is the best place in the world.”  I know this opportunity to attend the Voyager Leadership Program will help shape him into a leader and a confident young man.  So, thank you from a parent who is deeply grateful for all that you’ve done for our son.   I write this with deep gratitude to the Deerhorn family and your fabulous staff.

Nancy Wilmette, IL

Thank you and the rest of your family for becoming our family over the years. As I’ve said before, my boys and I would not be the men we are today without Deerhorn. I think I’ve learned as much as they have. Deerhorn is truly the most special place on earth. To turn a short, scrawny kid  who was scared of his own shadow, into a confident Leader is truly remarkable. I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for our family!


Our son has loved camp over the years and to see the spark on his  face when he talks about Deerhorn is truly amazing.  I envision him growing into a lifer of some sort and we are so blessed that the Deerhorn ideals you and your family espouse and demonstrate have really taken hold of him.  Deerhorn has been THE greatest influence in his life. It means so much to us that he has his “thing” and we could not be more proud of the fact that Deerhorn is it.

Chris Wilmette, IL

You’ve achieved the impossible! [My son] wound up loving camp! He’s been in Deerhorn t-shirts since he came home and has talked non-stop about [his counselor] and koogee 16. How did you do it? After the roughest of all possible starts, your team managed to turn a potential disaster into a rewarding experience…I will be forever grateful that you all managed to give him the chance to be independent and to succeed away from home. This self-knowledge will help him tremendously in the coming year…my heartfelt thanks for giving [him] such a priceless gift.

Parent Louisville, KY

When we took [our son] to camp for the start of his third year at Deerhorn, he wanted to walk back to the stables to see the horses. As we walked through the woods, he stopped and said, ‘Shhhh. Do you hear that?’ What? We asked. ‘Don’t you hear the wind in the Northwoods? I’ve been waiting all year to hear that.’ [Our son] has come home to us a changed man, as in previous years. He positively glows recounting his adventures at Deerhorn. I don’t know what exactly you do up there, but whatever it is it really works wonders on our [son]. He comes home so positive and upbeat. He told his dad that next year they would have to do the father/son outing because it is so cool…Thank you so very much for this wonderful boyhood adventure.

Parent St. Charles, IL