Sports & Camp

Deerhorn used to have an activity called Baseball/Soccer. Two activity groups came together each period to play baseball and soccer on alternating days. Increasingly, we found that it had become kids’ least favorite activity. We realized it was because many of these kids played soccer or baseball for many months of the year, sometimes year […]

Wilderness Memories

In 2000, I did a NOLS course, kayaking in Baja, Mexico. As most NOLS grads will tell you, it was the experience of a lifetime. Patrick did a NOLS course as well, a semester course in Alaska, and it fueled his fire to turn Voyager into something much more than just a trip. It became […]

The Power of Camp

Camp Deerhorn has been in operation for 85 summers. Throughout these 85 years, we have attended camp fairs and conferences, hosted hundreds of video presentations, and had the pleasure of meeting thousands of parents. All of these things have improved our knowledge of families, children, and the camp experience. And over the years, we have […]

The Deerhorn Creed

The Deerhorn Creed was written in 1930, and for 85 summers it has provided the foundation upon which our camp was built. We are often told by parents that their son comes home from camp spouting lines from the Creed and telling their siblings to “be a booster, not a knocker.” Many parents also tell […]