Be a Regular Fellow

One of the lines of the Deerhorn Creed says “To be a regular fellow, a pal to other campers, a friend in manner and deed…”  It was so great walking around camp today and seeing so many kids being “regular fellows.” Almost half the kids who are here right now are at Deerhorn for the […]

Parenting With Kindness

Every day at Deerhorn, we talk about “living the Creed.”   Kids hear us discussing what it means to “play every game on the level,” to “be a booster, rather than a knocker,” and to “be kind because manliness requires kindness.”  When kids have to come to the office to discuss a disagreement they had […]

How Ernie Banks Lived the Creed

Anyone who has ever been a Cubs fan knows who Ernie Banks is. The man known as “Mr. Cub” played for the Chicago Cubs from 1953-1971, earned two MVP awards, a Gold Glove, and was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame in 1977.  His death yesterday has saddened many across the country who grew […]

To Lose Gracefully

There is a line of The Deerhorn Creed that says “To play every game on the level, win modestly, lose gracefully, and have a kind word for the opposing side.”  To live that line of the Creed isn’t always easy.  Who doesn’t love to win and hate to lose? How hard is it to play […]


Life is not always perfect at Deerhorn. (Shocking, I know!) There are definitely difficult things to deal with, and obstacles to overcome, and hard choices to make. But when I look around camp on a day like today, I am reminded of the goodness that overflows here.  There are so many good things happening on […]

The Deerhorn Creed

The Deerhorn Creed was written in 1930, and for 85 summers it has provided the foundation upon which our camp was built. We are often told by parents that their son comes home from camp spouting lines from the Creed and telling their siblings to “be a booster, not a knocker.” Many parents also tell […]