No Good Choice

Is anyone else having decision fatigue? Anyone else’s anxiety increasing as the school year looms ever closer, and we wait for decisions to be made? Anyone totally unsure about what the right choice is for school, if we are given the choice? Anyone change their mind on a daily basis? Anyone else feeling like this?: […]


This has been a hard week for all of us in the Deerhorn Family. So many of us held out hope for so long that a summer at Deerhorn would be possible. I’m sure it has been a very emotional week at your house. I know it has been at ours. (Emotional week? Who am […]

Mid-May Deerhorn Update

Hello Deerhorn Family, We know you have been waiting to hear from us about our decision about this summer, and we thank you for your patience.  The information on this pandemic is ever-changing, which has made decision-making extremely difficult.   The path forward isn’t clear. However, we believe at this time, it would be wise to […]

Through It

We used to have a cheer at camp that we would do in the dining room before we had a competition with another camp. It was called “We Are Warriors.” Lines like, “We came upon a mountain. We could not go over it…We could not go under it…so we had to go around.” Then it […]

What if?

Schools are closed across the nation, kids are learning virtually at home, and parents are doing their best to juggle all of their new roles. We worry that they are falling behind, or that they are missing out on so much, learning from home rather than at school. We put pressure on ourselves to find […]

Deerhorn’s Coronavirus Response

As we prepare for our 91st summer of boyhood adventures, we want to assure you that the health and safety of our campers and staff is our top priority. As information about Covid-19 dominates the news, the Deerhorn directors are working with our nurse, the Wisconsin State Health Department, and vendors to reduce the risk […]

A Grateful Parent

I wanted to pass on this wonderful, powerful little story before I forget and get too busy. Having him gone for 5 weeks was pretty hard for our family because he seems to be a staple who keeps us all entertained whenever he’s around. He was adamant about going for the full 5 weeks when […]

Losing Well

Last week, I shared an article that really spoke to me as a parent. You can read the whole article HERE. She told the story of her 12 year-old son, after a devastating loss to a much better team. “After 42 “Nothing-I’m-fine’s” he began to vomit out the most impressive slew of self-pity statements. He […]

Parent Support

Over the past year, we’ve shared several blogs that help explain our no electronics policy at camp. You can find some those blogs here and here. Our policy is that all cell phones and electronics should be left at home, and cell phones will no longer be allowed on the bus ride up. Any phones […]

The Gift is Camp

Summer is fast approaching, and camp will be here before we know it. For some, the summer of 2019 will be their first at camp, maybe even their first time away from home by themselves. We understand that it’s hard for parents to be away from their son for a week, or two, or even […]