My Fondest Childhood Memory

Last spring, we were contacted by Phil Cottell, who was a Deerhorn camper from 1957-1961. Here, he shares about his fondest childhood memory, his time at Deerhorn. Thanks so much to Phil for sharing these memories with us! When I consider this question, my mind immediately goes to the summers I spent at Camp Deerhorn.  […]

My Heart Might Just Explode

Our second Father Son Camp wrapped up this morning. It was another amazing four days spent with dads and kids who are warm, kind, and fun-loving. We had 38 kids stay over with us tonight for our A session that starts tomorrow. They spent the afternoon swimming and having pizza at the Waters of Minocqua, […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Hayden Cheyne

Last, but certainly not least, in our Look Back at Leaders series is Hayden Cheyne. Hayden will be leading the 2022 Navajo and is returning for his 6th summer. Here’s what his mom, Cindy, has to say about Hayden’s years at Deerhorn. It started when I first began dating Hayden’s father, Casey.  We were living […]

Words of Wisdom by Fred

This week we lost one of our beloved camp dogs, Iz. He loved camp, but his favorite spot was behind the kitchen, where he always hoped to find some tasty morsels, or in a koogee, where he went searching for campers’ contraband food. We will all miss him dearly. He was the sweetest dog, and […]

A Camper’s Gratitude

Dear Deerhorn, Although I have only spent two summers at Deerhorn, it has already started to feel like a second home. This year I came to realize that Deerhorn is more than just a camp. It is a family. Last year, my grandfather was hospitalized while I was at camp. When I came home, he […]

Just Show Up

On Tuesday, the Deerhorn Family said goodbye, once again, to one of our own. The service was beautiful, the church was packed, and there were quite a few Deerhorn staff and campers in attendance. I would expect nothing less. Gabe Deely had a smile that could light up the room, and we will miss that […]

Campfires and Conclusions

Our first Father Son camp was a wonderful way to kick off the summer of 2018. We are grateful for all of the fantastic families who made Father Son 1 so special. On a personal note, it was pretty great to hang out with some guys who I was on staff with 20 years ago. […]

A Look Back at Leaders-George

Our final look back at Leaders focuses on George Landsberg, leader of the 2018 Chippewa. Many thanks to his parents for sharing their thoughts on George’s years at Deerhorn! George’s letters home from Camp Deerhorn are infrequent and sparse, to say the least. That’s how we know Camp Deerhorn is having the desired effect. George’s […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Henry

Henry McQueen is leading the 2018 Apache this summer. Here’s what his parents had to say about his years at Deerhorn. When asked to write a blog post about Henry’s experience at Deerhorn, I was sent down a proverbial rabbit hole of memories. I pulled out the file where I keep Henry’s letters and his […]

A Letter Of Thanks

April 24, 2018 From the family of Derek Harms… Dear Camp Deerhorn Community: For the past 11 years, Mr. Harms and I helped our boy pack for Camp Deerhorn. We missed him before he ever got there, but we saw camp as a gorgeous setting, a positive learning experience, a group of dear, loyal friends […]