Words of Wisdom by Fred

This week we lost one of our beloved camp dogs, Iz. He loved camp, but his favorite spot was behind the kitchen, where he always hoped to find some tasty morsels, or in a koogee, where he went searching for campers’ contraband food. We will all miss him dearly. He was the sweetest dog, and a lover of life in all of its deliciousness. So it’s only fitting that a tribute to him was written this summer by Fred, one of our favorite chefs. Fred’s kindness and positivity is matched only by his skills in the camp kitchen. He wrote these words this summer, in honor of Iz.

As humans, we are born having to learn how to love, how to trust, how to be kind. As we grow, we are taught the want of more, unfortunately. Sometimes it is to the extent that we are blind to the simple things in life, the smell of the air after a nice rain, the sounds of birds in the morning, the sunrise over a lake, a kind word from a stranger, a simple hug.

We live an average of seventy nine years. Dog live an average of 15 years. One of the major differences between us and our canine friends is that most of them are born already knowing how to trust, how to live, and how to be kind. They have an innate ability to enjoy the simple pleasures of their short time with us, and the only thing they ask in return is a pat on the head, a nice ear scratching, or a good belly rub. People say that you should train your dogs. I say that we need to pay more attention to our four legged friends and take time for them to train us on how to love, how to trust, and mostly how to be kind.

Be kind, because manliness requires kindness.

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