Team Fun

The Leaders stayed up last night to draft teams for A session, so today was an exciting day at Camp Deerhorn. We had scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage for breakfast. We ended third period of activities early so that we … Continued

Star Wars

Years ago, we had an activity at camp called Baseball/Soccer. Kids would go the the activity every day (two groups) and play baseball one day and soccer the next. About 12 years ago, we realized that kids were bored with … Continued

A Look Back at Leaders-TJ Farrell

Tyler (T.J, as everyone at Deerhorn knows him) is a 2nd generation Deerhorn camper and will be the third Deerhorn leader in our family.   I really feel very proud to say that and know both of my boys, Ryan and TJ, … Continued

Deer Tracks

Welcome to the new Deerhorn blog! With our new website comes a new venture into blog world. During the summer, we blog every day, mostly discussing what’s going on at camp that day. We’ll share pictures, videos, team competition updates, … Continued