A Look Back at Leaders-Sully Sherry

Last, but certainly not least, in our Look Back series, is Sully Sherry. This will be Sully’s 8th year at Deerhorn, he is from Denver, Colorado, and he will be leading the 2024 Deerhorn Bobcats. Here’s what his parents have to say about his 8 years at Deerhorn.   While we love all that Colorado […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Walker Blaustein

Next up in on Look Back at Leaders series, we hear from Walker Blaustein’s parents about his years at Deerhorn. Walker is from Denver, Colorado, and this will be his 7th year at Deerhorn. He is leading the 2024 Deerhorn Bears! Walker seems to be the best version of himself while at Camp Deerhorn.  The […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Dylan Tackett

Our final blog in our Look Back at Leaders series introduces us to Dylan Tackett, Leader of the 2023 Deerhorn Bobcats. This will be Dylan’s 8th summer as a Deerhorn camper, and, as always, we love hearing what his parents have to say about all of his years spent at camp! 2015 was Dylan’s first […]

A Look Back at Leaders-Will Strickland

Every spring, we ask the parents of our Deerhorn Leaders to write  blog about their son’s time at Deerhorn. This year, for the first time ever, we will have 8 Deerhorn Leaders at camp. Will Strickland will be co-leading the Iroquois with JP Koehl. Will hails from Los Altos, California and this summer will be […]

Deerhorn Online Store 2.0

We are excited to share that Deerhorn has a new online store! These are totally different items than the ones we sell each summer in our actual store. These are made-to-order clothing items printed on demand and shipped right to your door! The new site has items for the whole family…sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, masks, and […]

The Summer of 2021

What a strange summer it has been. We have been thinking about all of you constantly all summer, hoping your boys were able to find joy in the midst of so much disappointment. To have Deerhorn sit quiet and empty all summer is something none of us wanted. We have heard from some of you […]

A Look Back at Leaders-JP Koehl

Today’s blog looks back at the Deerhorn career of JP Koehl, Leader of the 2020 Iroquois. Many thanks to his parents for sharing their thoughts with us! One April, we were driving our boys to school and John Paul said from the back seat, “I love spring. It means it’s almost time for Deerhorn.”  While […]

Team Fun

The Leaders stayed up last night to draft teams for A session, so today was an exciting day at Camp Deerhorn. We had scrambled eggs, potatoes, and sausage for breakfast. We ended third period of activities early so that we could announce the teams and get team photos before lunch. Kids ran to the lodge […]

Star Wars

Years ago, we had an activity at camp called Baseball/Soccer. Kids would go the the activity every day (two groups) and play baseball one day and soccer the next. About 12 years ago, we realized that kids were bored with that activity because they get to play those at home. So a new activity was […]

A Look Back at Leaders-TJ Farrell

Tyler (T.J, as everyone at Deerhorn knows him) is a 2nd generation Deerhorn camper and will be the third Deerhorn leader in our family.   I really feel very proud to say that and know both of my boys, Ryan and TJ, have grown up to be fine young men at the “Horn.”  I myself still remember […]