Deerhorn Online Store 2.0

We are excited to share that Deerhorn has a new online store! These are totally different items than the ones we sell each summer in our actual store. These are made-to-order clothing items printed on demand and shipped right to your door!

The new site has items for the whole family…sweatshirts, t-shirts, shorts, masks, and even football jerseys! There’s something for everyone! These items are not embroidered or screenprinted, but rather the Deerhorn logo is sublimated into the fabric so that it never cracks or fades. While working on the site, our 14 year-old was watching over my shoulder, and he said “Those are sick! Are any of them quick-dry?” (He won’t wear anything that isn’t.) I told him that it pretty much was all quick-dry, and he said, “I don’t see anything that I don’t want.” High praise, coming from a teenager!

Deerhorn Online Store

Many of you have asked if we were going to open the store again for holiday shopping. With all of our regular gear boxed up for the winter, that isn’t possible. However, we are happy to give you an amazing alternative to buy Deerhorn gear, while also supporting camp! Order early to guarantee arrival by the holidays. Many thanks to John Anton, our Deerhorn dad who helped us get this up and running! Happy shopping!

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