A Day Full of Sunshine

I lost count of how many times today I heard, “It just doesn’t get any better than this!” The weather has been unbelievable this summer, especially for this session. We had some storms last night that got rid of some … Continued

One Fine Day

Well, it’s surely a beautiful day in OUR neighborhood! We kicked off our third Father Son camp with amazing weather. The temperatures reached up into the high 80s and the winds blew off the lake all day. It made for … Continued

Big Fish & Big Steaks!

Cloudy skies this morning gave way to beautiful blue this afternoon. The sun shone and we basked in an incredible day at Deerhorn. So once again for the afternoon, the beach was the place to be…lots of sailing, skiing, swimming, … Continued

Small Moments, Big Victories

There are many small moments that happen around camp that might not strike you as momentous.  But those small moments happen all the time at Deerhorn, and it’s part of what makes this place so magical.   For instance, you … Continued

You’re Never Too Old

One of my favorite pictures to take at camp is dads (and grandpas) going down the slide.  I love the look of surprise and delight on their faces as they take that first trip down, but I also love the … Continued

What Brings You Joy

We ended our first Father Son camp this morning, and said goodbye to new friends and old. Everyone had a great time last night playing Scalp, and there were so many wonderful performances at the last campfire of the session. … Continued

Fishing and Fun

It was another perfect day at Deerhorn. The sun shone, the sky was clear, and the smiles spread from ear to ear. Breakfast this morning was cinnamon french toast. Lunch was sloppy joes, and we are having ham for dinner. … Continued

What a Day!

Just WOW! The beach was for sure the place to be today at Deerhorn. With temperatures in the high 80s and a great wind off the lake, the waterfront was a busy place all day. We could not have asked … Continued

Let the Summer of 2016 Begin!

The day dawned bright and beautiful for the start of our first Father Son camp and the beginning of the summer of 2016. Dads started rolling in this morning around 10, and most of their kids barely let their dads … Continued