Let the Summer of 2016 Begin!

The day dawned bright and beautiful for the start of our first Father Son camp and the beginning of the summer of 2016. Dads started rolling in this morning around 10, and most of their kids barely let their dads stop the car before they were off and running to activities! We have lots of returning dads and sons, so it’s great to greet old friends, but we also are excited to welcome new members of the Deerhorn Family.



Breakfast was cinnamon french toast, and lunch was cold cut sandwiches.  We enjoyed beautiful sunshine with lots of wind off the lake the whole day. It made for a busy waterfront, with lots of sailing, swimming, and trips to the Rave.



Activities ran all day, and there was a lot of sprout ball played. Riflery, as always, was a popular destination for lots of families.


Around 5, we had a strong storm blow through, with whipping winds and driving rain. We brought everyone to the basement just to be safe, but the storm passed quickly with only a few limbs down. After a spaghetti dinner, we had a meeting in the lodge to introduce the staff and then dads and sons played some team sports like kickball, volleyball, street hockey,  and soccer. We had our first campfire of the summer in the lodge, even though the rains had passed by then. So many great campfire entertainers, including a spontaneous performance by Noah Mackenzie, who made up an incredible song about Deerhorn. We are off to a great start and are happy to see all the families who joined us today!


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