Here’s to 90 More

Our 90th summer was an incredible one. Our staff was incredible, the four Leaders did an amazing job, and we were surrounded all summer with the best kids you could ever hope to meet. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be a part of the lives of so many wonderful families. Whether you worked at […]

A Great Day of Fishing

We are SO grateful that the weather today is a 180 degree difference from yesterday! While it dawned cool and foggy, the fog quickly burned off and gave way to beautiful sunshine and 80 degrees the entire day! It was the perfect day to spend on the waterfront, although other activities were busy as well. […]

Rain Can’t Stop Us

So today’s weather wasn’t as good as yesterday’s. We awoke this morning to cooler temperatures and rain, and it has been raining off and on all day. Luckily the rain quit after breakfast, and we had a full morning of activities without rain. This afternoon has not been quite so lucky. We’ve definitely had some […]

The Best for Last

Although the day started cloudy and drizzly, the sun eventually emerged and it turned into a beautiful day. We are so grateful for good weather to start our last Father Son session, ending out the summer of 2019. This session has a lot more little guys, many of whom have never been to Deerhorn, and […]

Father Son 3

Last night’s Scalp game and campfire complete with s’mores were great ways to end this amazing Father Son session. For dads who wanted some more action today, we had activities running until 11am. Now it’s time to get everything ready for our final Father Son session, which starts tomorrow. Many thanks to all the dads […]

Fishing and More Fun

It rained all night, and when we woke this morning, it was grey and drizzling, but by breakfast the rain had stopped and it was done for the day! We were very grateful, especially since today was our guided fishing day. It was definitely on the cooler side all day, but that didn’t stop the […]

Another Day of Fun

While there was some cloud cover throughout the day, it warmed up nicely and made for a great day down on the waterfront. Activities ran all day and dads and sons enjoyed the craft shop, horseback rides, and mountain biking through the woods. Breakfast this morning was blueberry pancakes and sausage, and lunch was chicken […]

Father and Son and Tons of Fun

We were excited to kick off our third Father Son camp of the summer. We had breakfast at 8 (doughnuts and cinnamon rolls and bacon, which the kids who stayed over were thrilled about!). We opened up activities at 9am for the kids who had stayed over with us last night, while they waited for […]

The Big Finish

The Water Campfire last night was an incredible send off for our four Leaders. It was very emotional and reminded all who were present why we love Deerhorn so much. The awards breakfast this morning was the same. All of our regular awards were passed out, but also several big end-of-season awards as well.   […]

The 2019 Water Campfire

This night always sneaks up on us. All of a sudden camper only sessions are over and it’s time for the Water Campfire. After breakfast sandwiches and tater tots for breakfast, kids had three final activity periods this morning, trying to earn those last few stars. Sports and Games played sprout ball this morning and […]