The 2019 Water Campfire

This night always sneaks up on us. All of a sudden camper only sessions are over and it’s time for the Water Campfire. After breakfast sandwiches and tater tots for breakfast, kids had three final activity periods this morning, trying to earn those last few stars. Sports and Games played sprout ball this morning and the sun has been shining all day. After grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, they headed back to their koogees to pack up.

This afternoon’s schedule was a little bit different…three periods of team competition, culminating in a final third period of all camp Scalp. Technically that’s supposed to end at 4:45, but it never does! It’s the last Scalp games for the Leaders, and the event is bittersweet.

After dinner tonight, we will all gather on the beach for the Water Campfire. It is an event to honor all the years these leaders have been campers. They will paddle in canoes into the ski dock, and light a fire in the inner A-Dock. They then stand in front of four half canoes to give their speeches. Each one will have someone introduce them, then they give a speech, and then someone sings a song they have chosen. It’s a deeply powerful night and while there are some young guys who fall asleep, most of them really do listen to what these leaders have to say. It will be an awesome night to cap off an incredible summer. We will be sharing the video of the Water Campfire on Youtube within the next week or so. We will miss these four leaders as campers, but we can’t wait to have them on staff!

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