Treasure Hunt

Today was the first big Sunday event of the summer and it was the Treasure Hunt. Teams worked together to gather clues all over camp, with their leader finally finding a “treasure map” that led them to buried treasure on the beach. Kids had a blast and the sun shone all day! The Iroquois were […]


“If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” If a camper has a blast at camp, and no picture is taken of it, did he still have tons of fun? The answer, of course, is yes. We understand that it is tough, as […]


Our Explorer Trip left this morning after breakfast, with 9 kids and 2 leaders. They were really excited to be on their way, heading for a 3 day kayaking adventure. They will kayak and camp in the Turtle Flambeau Flowage, which is about a 90 minute drive from camp. Their camping menu includes chili, pesto […]

First Scalp!

There was so much excitement last  night at dinner in anticipation of the first Scalp game of the summer. As you can tell from the pictures HERE, kids go all out when it comes to Scalp. The store was busy yesterday with kids buying bandanas, hats, & socks in team colors. Everybody had a great […]


Every summer, we pick four 16 year old campers who have shown loyalty to camp and leadership qualities and we ask them to be the leaders of the four camp teams. Team competition at camp goes back to almost the beginning of Deerhorn, but in the early days leaders got to pick their team names, […]

Loving the Deerhorn Life

Everyone is settling into camp, learning the routines, and having so much fun in activities. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs & toast, kids had a meeting to find out what activity group they are in. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our routine, kids are put into activity groups by age. Their […]

Old Friends & New Faces

Our first regular session, “A”, started this morning. We had 22 kids stay over from our 2nd Father Son camp, and they spent yesterday afternoon at the Waters of Minocqua waterpark. Everyone had an absolute blast and all the kids adapted quite quickly to life at camp without dad.  We ended our Father Son camp […]


This is one of our favorite parts of our job as camp directors. Getting to know boys as campers, watching them grow up, and then getting to meet the women they marry and the children they bring back to camp. The fact that they have remained so loyal to Deerhorn over the decades is a […]


This is David Flom. He is the owner of Chicago Cut Steakhouse and The Local in Chicago…both phenomenal restaurants. He was also a longtime Deerhorn camper and has returned for the past several summers with his kids, Owen & Luke. Every year when David comes back for Father Son camp, he ships up steaks for […]

The Magic of Camp

Our first Father Son camp ended Monday with a great awards breakfast. We heard from dads like Bryan Krol,  Blake Hannafan, and Chetan Phadnis. They expressed so eloquently why camp is such a special place, and we are grateful for their kind words. It’s very rewarding for us to hear how Deerhorn has impacted their […]