Treasure Hunt

Today was the first big Sunday event of the summer and it was the Treasure Hunt. Teams worked together to gather clues all over camp, with their leader finally finding a “treasure map” that led them to buried treasure on the beach. Kids had a blast and the sun shone all day! The Iroquois were victorious in the Treasure Hunt, followed by the Navajo, Apache, & Chippewa. Kids love being part of their teams and wear their colors with pride. Pictures from today’s event can be found HERE.

Sundays are a little different around camp. We slept in an hour, enjoying cinnamon toast for breakfast at 9. Normally on Sunday mornings, kid enjoy some rare free time, but since we have missed some activities this past week due to rain, kids went to their second and third activity period for the MWF schedule. Blaine did the words of wisdom at noon in the lodge, reading the book “The Giving Tree”, and challenging everyone to practice random acts of kindness around camp.

Lunch was at 1, and we all enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner. We did the Treasure Hunt at 3, and then after general swim at 5,  we had a cookout with burgers on the beach for dinner. After dinner, everyone met up with their koogees for koogee time. Tonight will be our first regular session campfire.

4 thoughts on “Treasure Hunt

    I smiled to hear that Blaine read “The Giving Tree” to them. What a great book. And I love that he challenged them to practicing random acts of kindness around the camp. Love that! I was pleased to see that the photo on the blog today featured my son, Jack, standing tall and smiling while he observed the kids doing a huddle in the lake. He’s a good egg and it looks like he’s having fun! Thanks for all your hard work with these kids! I have a feeling they’ll never forget this.

    Thanks Meg! Jack is a great kid…so kind and considerate. He has visited us at the store several times, and he is always so well-mannered!

    The words of wisdom coupled with the creed are what make Deerhorn such a great place for boys to have fun, learn and grow.

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