Loving the Deerhorn Life

Everyone is settling into camp, learning the routines, and having so much fun in activities. After a breakfast of scrambled eggs & toast, kids had a meeting to find out what activity group they are in. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our routine, kids are put into activity groups by age. Their activity group has a schedule of six activities Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, and the other six activities on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. The only activity they have every day is Sports & Games, which combines two activity groups to allow for team sports play. ¬†Some kids have a hard time with the schedule at first, because there are activities they say they “don’t like’, even though they’ve never tried them! We love watching kids who have never sail tell us they “don’t like sailing” and then it turns out to be their favorite activity. After they found out their group, they were off to activities!

You might notice from our Shutterfly pictures that some kids seem to be just sitting, not doing anything. You might even worry that they don’t “look happy.” Trust me when I say there are lots of smiling faces around camp. Those pictures show the orientations kids are going through for each activity. Our counselors go over safety, rules, and expectations, and then they get them going in the activity as soon as possible! Sports & Games played World Cup Soccer today up on the soccer field.

After sloppy joes for lunch, all campers had a meeting in the lodge to go over all the rules and expectations around camp. We go over the most important ones on the first night, but we don’t want to overwhelm them, so we have a complete meeting the second day of camp. We had a few showers come through this afternoon but they were short-lived, allowing most activities to resume quickly.

Dinner was the ever-popular chicken tenders, and included chocolate chip cookies for dessert. ¬†Tonight’s evening activities are kickball, basketball, and ultimate frisbee. The four leaders have been walking around getting to know kids and tonight they will “draft” teams. All the campers are really excited to find out what team they’re on tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Loving the Deerhorn Life

    The blog is great. Feels like I’m there. The food sounds awesome! Color wars (though id don’t think that is what it is called). Soren was sent up with all four colors of bandana. Have a super day.

    Thanks Pia! I think kids are always surprised at how good camp food is! Lots of excitement this morning at breakfast, expectations of which team they were chosen to!

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