Old Friends & New Faces

Our first regular session, “A”, started this morning. We had 22 kids stay over from our 2nd Father Son camp, and they spent yesterday afternoon at the Waters of Minocqua waterpark. Everyone had an absolute blast and all the kids adapted quite quickly to life at camp without dad.  We ended our Father Son camp with a great awards breakfast yesterday, with speeches from Zach Mandel, Kip Heekin, and Michael Hillsman, all of whom reminded us once again why we love camp so much.

Kids who stayed over, and those who arrived at camp by car, were put into activity groups today by age and they did activities such as  tennis, Sports & Games, and basketball. They completed their swim tests this afternoon and the buses arrived right on time at 3:00. All the kids on the bus finished their swim tests and met their koogee mates, and then we had a meeting at 4:30 to introduce the staff and go over a few rules. After the meeting, kids played games like sprout ball before spaghetti dinner. Tonight after dinner will be a game of all camp Capture the Flag.

 We love greeting old friends who we haven’t seen in a year, but A session is also full of lots of new faces as well.  There is so much energy and enthusiasm, it’s contagious! We know it’s going to be a great session!

10 thoughts on “Old Friends & New Faces

    Thanks Lee! We’ll take good care of Henry. I’m sure he already has made several new friends. It happens quickly around camp!

    I think I am more nervous than my son Jackson about his first night away from home! Good luck Jackson and Koogee #7!

    Don’t worry, Marjorie, we’ll take good care of him! It usually IS harder on the parents than the kids!

    I was glad to spot a picture of Jack Metzler toting his foot locker in the Shutterfly pics and I’m glad to know they arrived safely. I’ve been thinking about him all day and hope that his first night ever at sleep away camp goes well. (A tummy full of spaghetti should help!) 🙂

    HI Meg! We’re glad Jack has joined us this summer. We know it’s going to be a great session!

    I was thrilled to see Soren doing his share to carry his own trunk this year. He was thrilled to get on the bus and see so many friends from last year. Hooray – Camp Deerhorn. I’m loving the blog.

    Hi –
    Thanks Amy for the blog again, I love it and look forward to reading it each day and seeing the photos!! Jack is thrilled to be back at Deerhorn this year for a longer stay!

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