Every summer, we pick four 16 year old campers who have shown loyalty to camp and leadership qualities and we ask them to be the leaders of the four camp teams. Team competition at camp goes back to almost the beginning of Deerhorn, but in the early days leaders got to pick their team names, so they were different every summer. Starting in 1958, we established four camp teams-The Apache (green)-The Chippewa (yellow)-The Iroquois (red)- & The Navajo (blue). You can learn more about team competition and our amazing leaders of 2014 HERE.

After a day or two of activities, campers are “drafted” by the leaders to be on one of the teams. This draft is done in secret, with just the leaders, so no kids ever know what order they were picked in. Campers can earn points for their team by earning stars in their activities, and there are also team competitions every night after dinner. The points accumulate and at the end of the session we announce which team won the session. At the end of the summer, whichever team has the most points wins the summer. Last year the Apache took first place.  Kids really love being part of a camp team, and wear their colors proudly. It’s also another way to meet more kids at camp.

We had some rain this morning but some activities, like riflery & crafts, were able to continue, while others went to the lodge to play rafterball or board games. We announced the teams just before lunch and kids were really excited to finally find out! Tonight after dinner, if the rain has quit and the field has dried a little, we’ll play a game of all camp Scalp, where each camper has two shirts tucked in like flags and the four teams try to pull the flags of the other teams to get them out, hoping to be the team with the last man standing.  It is an all-time camper favorite.

Breakfast this morning was bagels, and lunch was everyone’s favorite, grilled cheese & tomato soup. Sports & Games is playing flag football on the soccer field this afternoon.

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