This is one of our favorite parts of our job as camp directors. Getting to know boys as campers, watching them grow up, and then getting to meet the women they marry and the children they bring back to camp. The fact that they have remained so loyal to Deerhorn over the decades is a testament to the strength of friendships borne at camp. I heard someone say yesterday, “Where else on Earth do you get to hang out for five days with most of your best friends in the world?” We are so grateful for their loyalty and their willingness to share their sons with us! ¬† Another thing that is so cool about our alumni is how welcoming they are to new families. Everyone who comes to camp is welcomed into the Deerhorn family with open arms. ¬†Watching returning families greet newcomers is just fantastic.

After last night’s fantastic steak dinner, dads played the sons in a game of Capture the Flag, followed by a great campfire. Today was guided fishing day, and there were several big muskies caught. James Vollmer caught a 34 inch muskie, Alex Mandel landed a 37″, and Paul Graver caught a 38 inch muskie. The rain held off most of the day so that fishing could continue.

Tonight after dinner is the fathers vs. the staff in a softball game, followed by another campfire.

The weather hasn’t been perfect, but no one is letting that stop them. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious around here.

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