First Scalp!

There was so much excitement last  night at dinner in anticipation of the first Scalp game of the summer. As you can tell from the pictures HERE, kids go all out when it comes to Scalp. The store was busy yesterday with kids buying bandanas, hats, & socks in team colors. Everybody had a great time playing. It’s interesting to watch the difference between senior scalp (12 & up), and junior scalp (11 & under).  Senior Scalp involves lots of strategy and risk-taking, going after other kids’ flags. Junior Scalp involves a lot of all four teams running in a big circle, chasing each other but not making a move. Even kids who were homesick the first night can’t help but have fun playing Scalp.  We keep them busy around camp and that makes all the difference. The first night when younger kids have to go to bed at 9, they struggle a little bit if they’re used to staying up later during the summer. But by the second night, lots of kids fall asleep quickly because they’re so tired from an entire day of play.

We woke this morning to beautiful sunshine and kids have been busy earning stars in activities all day. Breakfast was french toast, and lunch was fish sticks & mac & cheese.

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