This is David Flom. He is the owner of Chicago Cut Steakhouse and The Local in Chicago…both phenomenal restaurants. He was also a longtime Deerhorn camper and has returned for the past several summers with his kids, Owen & Luke. Every year when David comes back for Father Son camp, he ships up steaks for all of us for dinner one night. Not only that, he cooks them all himself. ¬†Needless to say, we are all excited for an amazing steak dinner tonight. David’s generosity is the perfect example of what makes Deerhorn special…the loyalty of our former campers, the generosity of alumni, the spirit of sharing what we have with those who are important in our lives.

We are an 85 year old camp. Things break all the time and we try our hardest to keep tuition as low as we can. But the reality is we just can’t always keep up with 85 years of wear and tear on camp grounds. We are grateful for those who see our needs and help us where they can. ¬†We are also grateful to those whose small (or big) acts of kindness simply make our day better, our bellies fuller, or help to make camp a better place to be.

We started out this morning with clouds and cool weather, but the sun has come out once again, and once again the beach is busy. Sports and Games is playing beach volleyball, and they had some great games of street hockey at the Skeeter this morning. Last night’s campfire was fantastic. The evening light was perfect on the lake and the entertainers amazed us all.

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