The Heat is On!

There are lots of campers who choose to come to camp in August because “it’s warmer than it is in June.” I can tell you that I wouldn’t ever want it to be any hotter at camp than it is right now. They are forecasting rain for tonight and tomorrow, so we are hoping that […]

It’s a Hot One!

Today’s high in the 90s means it’s a great day for the waterfront and trips down the slide! It definitely doesn’t get this hot up here very often, but we are glad to have our water activities to cool off! Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy. After breakfast, kids headed back […]

Let’s Do It Again!

We are once again grateful for a beautiful day of warm sunshine. It got a little hot in the afternoon, but was the perfect start to our B session. Kids who stayed over from A session were put in temporary groups for the day as others arrived by car.  They did activities like sprout ball, […]

An End and a Beginning

And just like that, the buses have departed and many of our A session kids are on their way home. We had a great awards breakfast this morning. We enjoyed waffles and sausage for breakfast and handed out patches for Most Improved in each activity as well as patches earned for stars in activities. The […]

A Great Last Day

Well, those ten days sure flew by in a flash! It was a fun-filled final day of A session. We had blueberry pancakes and bacon for breakfast, and kids had three final activity periods this morning to work on those last few stars.  After roast beef au jus sandwiches for lunch, it was time to […]

Dear Derek

Dear Derek, If life were fair and just, you would be here right now. We would be playing ultimate frisbee with you on the soccer field on Sunday mornings, and listening to you and Papa sing at the campfire.  We would be laughing at your hilarious counselor show skits, and paddling canoes with you out […]

The 2018 Treasure Hunt

Sundays are a little different around Deerhorn. We sleep in an extra hour, and have breakfast at 9. This morning it was scrambled eggs, hash browns, and sausage for breakfast. After breakfast, there’s a couple of rare hours of free time. Counselors organized games like street hockey and ultimate frisbee. At 11:30, one of our […]


You will hear the word “brotherhood” spoken of frequently at Deerhorn. Friendship at camp run deep and many of our staff were campers together years ago. We truly are a family and both kids and staff often refer to their Deerhorn Brothers. But even more special is getting to share the Deerhorn experience with your […]

Time Flies

We are incredibly thankful for our continued good weather. The sun shines, the skies are blue, and it’s been a perfect 75 degrees every day. Time really flies around here, as it’s hard to believe we are already halfway through this session. Kids are earning stars in activities, and loving team comp in the evening. […]

Lessons Learned

Lots of good photos from last night’s games of Scalp will be posted later today on Shutterfly. Eleven and under played on the baseball field, and 12 and up played on the soccer field. It’s always interesting to watch the differences between the two. While there is still fierce competition on the senior field, it’s […]