You will hear the word “brotherhood” spoken of frequently at Deerhorn. Friendship at camp run deep and many of our staff were campers together years ago. We truly are a family and both kids and staff often refer to their Deerhorn Brothers. But even more special is getting to share the Deerhorn experience with your own brother. (or cousin, or any other family member!) I came to work at Deerhorn for the first time in 1997 knowing no one, and was on staff with so many incredible guys whose friendship I deeply cherish. Four of them were leaders in 1993 and are coming back this summer to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their leader summer. But more on that in a couple of weeks!

I love the brother photos, because it’s the perfect example of how broad the meaning of family is in today’s world. Families are formed in an endless number of ways, and while friendships and brotherhood from home definitely strengthens, new bonds of brotherhood are formed as well. After my first year on staff, I brought my 17 year old brother with me the following summer to work as an AC. And he stayed for six more years as an AC and a riding counselor. I will always, always, always be grateful to Deerhorn for growing the friendship between us. He is one of my best friends, and most important people in my life, and a huge factor in that was our time together every summer.

So whether they are biological brothers, or cousins, or friends formed at Deerhorn, there is a magic in this place that nurtures those bonds in ways unlike anywhere else. And as they get older, those bonds will hold them, support them, and give them a community of people on whom they can always depend.

What a day it was at camp today! Just gorgeous, blue sky warm weather, perfect for waterfront activities and slip and slide kickball in Sports and Games. Breakfast this morning was waffles and sausage, and lunch was chili dogs. And while kids have had a great time in activities, we all welcome the change of pace in our Sunday routine tomorrow, including the extra hour of sleep!

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