Winding Down?

The session is winding down, but the last day never feels like it! Kids had three final activity periods this morning, then it was time for lunch (pulled pork) and following a HUGE walk through of lost and found, kids … Continued

The Age Factor

I love this photo because it exemplifies one of the best parts of Camp Deerhorn. Age is irrelevant. Navin is a 9 year-old camper, Henry is a 16 year-old leader, and Mike is a 19 year-old counselor. (These three are … Continued

The 2018 Monkeys

Today is the biggest day of the summer…the grandaddy of them all, the Monkey Relays! Leaders and their teams have been preparing for days, practicing carrying ping pong balls, strategizing which team members to put where, planning how to build … Continued

A Wisconsin Summer Day

A typical Wisconsin summer day dawns crisp and cool, and warms to a perfect 70-80 degrees. We’ve had lots of mornings this summer that have dawned muggy and humid, so we are grateful for cooler sleeping weather again, and the … Continued

Hellos and Goodbyes

Today we had to say goodbye to our E session kids. From the smiles on their faces all week, we think they will be back next year to stay longer! And while we were sad to see them go, saying … Continued

A Thousand Words

Most of my blog posts include small details about what we ate for meals, or what the weather is, or what Sports and Games is playing today. But some days I like to just share a few fun photos as … Continued


It’s always fun getting koogee photos. Kids love hanging out with their friends in their koogees, where there are stories told and laughter shared. It’s fun to see personalities of kids come out in koogee photos. Photos will be posted … Continued

This Weather!

This summer has been the warmest on record in recent years. We’ve had 40+ days over 80 degrees, while last summer there were only about 15. The warmth means our lake (which is iron-laden) has heated up nicely and is … Continued

The Beauty of Routine

We are thrilled to settle into this week of simply the routine of normal activities. There aren’t trips departing or new groups coming in. We get to enjoy the benefits of a 3 week C session and kids are working … Continued

Sunday and the Sioux

We all get pretty excited for Sundays at camp. We get to sleep in an extra hour and have breakfast at 9. Plus, a break from the routine is always a fun change. Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs, bacon, … Continued