Hellos and Goodbyes

Today we had to say goodbye to our E session kids. From the smiles on their faces all week, we think they will be back next year to stay longer!

And while we were sad to see them go, saying goodbye to them means we got to say hello to our Voyagers who arrived home just before dinner! They are smelly and dirty, but it’s good to have them home! (Though we definitely made them shower before dinner!) They were greeted by a huge crowd at the bus, and there were lots of hugs shared as friends were reunited. We hope they come home to you bursting with stories to tell!

The weather has cooled off, but we aren’t complaining too much. The cooler weather is a welcome break from the hot summer and it means the mosquito situation is much improved. Breakfast this morning was Tex-Mex Scramble and potatoes, and lunch was chicken patties.┬áSports and Games played Ultimate Frisbee…or, as it’s called around here, “Huck-a-Fria.”


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