This Weather!

This summer has been the warmest on record in recent years. We’ve had 40+ days over 80 degrees, while last summer there were only about 15. The warmth means our lake (which is iron-laden) has heated up nicely and is great for waterfront activities. The humidity has stayed lower these past couple of weeks, which is good for the land activities, like horseback riding. The skies are blue, the sun shines, and the breeze blows off the lake. You can’t ask for more than that!

It’s boy heaven here at Camp Deerhorn, with dogs to play with on the beach, a warm lake to swim in, and activities around every corner. So fun to watch our E session boys run around here like Deerhorn Naturals!

Sports and Games played Quidditch today on the soccer field. There are no flying broomsticks, but there is a Golden Snitch, who runs all over camp trying not to be tagged by the Seekers on each team! Breakfast this morning was sausage and french toast, made with homemade bread. Lunch was sub sandwiches. We are all looking forward to dessert tonight, Fred’s homemade cinnamon swirl cake, his wife’s recipe that he has graciously made for all of us at camp. We are spoiled by our chefs this year!

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