Winding Down?

The session is winding down, but the last day never feels like it! Kids had three final activity periods this morning, then it was time for lunch (pulled pork) and following a HUGE walk through of lost and found, kids spent rest hour in their koogees packing up. I will insert here another plea to all of you parents to write your camper’s name on his stuff in the future, if you didn’t this year.  The homeless shelter is always very grateful the following spring, but there were so many things this session with no name on them. Thank you to all of you who clearly labeled his clothing and gear!

Sports and Games played soccer today, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect for our last full day of camp. 50 degrees in the morning warming to a beautiful 80 in the afternoon. This afternoon’s activities were three periods of team competition, with the final period being all-camp Scalp. Tonight’s dinner is apparently something really awesome, but it’s being kept under wraps, so you’ll have to ask your son what it was when he gets home!

Tonight after dinner is the counselor show. Kids really look forward to the hilarious skits and songs that the counselors have been working on for “weeks.” 😉

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