Koogee Life Lessons

It was another beautiful day at Camp Deerhorn, with sunshine and cool breezes off the lake. Sports and Games played a game called Balco Ball, which involves a whiffle ball wrapped in duct tape. They played in the outfield of DK Field and kids get excited to see who can “hit it over the fence.” […]

Already Halfway

Our ten day sessions sure fly by quickly. We are already more than halfway through this session, which ends Saturday morning. Kids are having a great time in activities and working to earn their stars. Our weather has been great, with sunshine and warm temperatures. Breakfast this morning was french toast made with homemade bread […]

Friends and Brothers

Yesterday, Sam Greene gave a great Words of Wisdom talk about how lucky we all are to be part of the Deerhorn Family. He spoke about the importance of Deerhorn in his life, and how grateful he is to have the love and support of his Deerhorn Family. The video of his talk will be […]

The 2018 Decathlon

We love Sundays at Camp Deerhorn, because it’s a break from the routine, but mostly because we get to sleep in an extra hour! Breakfast this morning was at 9, and our bellies were full with scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns! After breakfast, kids enjoyed some rare free time around camp. Some played […]

D Session Team Competition

The day the teams are announced is always an exciting one around camp. Kids get pumped to find out which team they are on and start the team competitions. This morning for breakfast we had chocolate chip pancakes and sausage. Kids had three more activity periods this morning, and did orientations in these activities just […]

The Joy of Running

Each session that begins at Deerhorn, kids are excited to be here. They wake up early on the first day (ok, maybe every day!) and are so excited to get the action started. But D session has its own energy and heightened level of excitement. Maybe it’s because the kids have been waiting all summer […]

D Session Has Begun!

The buses arrived safely at 3:45pm, and it was off to the races! We had 22 kids stay over from last session, and another 15 who arrived by car today. The rest came up on three charter buses from Chicago and then camp was really bustling again! Breakfast this morning was french toast with homemade […]


The end of C session is always hard. The majority of our teenagers are here during this session, and for most of our Voyagers and Pioneers it’s their last camper year. It’s always hard to say goodbye to kids who we’ve watched grow up and who have spent the last five weeks with us. There […]