Friends and Brothers

Yesterday, Sam Greene gave a great Words of Wisdom talk about how lucky we all are to be part of the Deerhorn Family. He spoke about the importance of Deerhorn in his life, and how grateful he is to have the love and support of his Deerhorn Family. The video of his talk will be shared this fall on our social media sites. He ended his talk by singing a song with Nick Chu called “Murder in the City” by the Avett Brothers. Granted, it’s not the best title, but the words are more beautiful than the title might indicate.

The best line that exemplifies Deerhorn so well is the last line of the song. “Always remember there is nothing worth sharing like the love that let us share our name.” Obviously, the line refers to a name shared by all members of a family, and we all have different last names. But we all share the Deerhorn name, and that line resonates so strongly with all of us.

We ARE a family, and as a family we have shared the joys of weddings and the births of babies, as well as the sadness of the loss of a friend. We are all eternally grateful for the friendships that have grown at Camp Deerhorn. But the experience shared by brothers at Deerhorn is pretty incredible itself. I know I found a best friend in my brother when we worked on staff for 5 years together. I will always be grateful for that. Brothers who get to spend this time together inevitably grow closer, as they head home during the winter and can talk for hours about their Deerhorn experience.

As I’ve mentioned before, friendships at Deerhorn aren’t determined by age. Counselors and campers, leaders and younger campers…friendships are made across the ages.  Many guys at Deerhorn refer to their “Deerhorn Brothers,” the friends they’ve made at camp. But sharing the time here with your actual brother? That’s pretty special.

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