D Session Team Competition

The day the teams are announced is always an exciting one around camp. Kids get pumped to find out which team they are on and start the team competitions. This morning for breakfast we had chocolate chip pancakes and sausage. Kids had three more activity periods this morning, and did orientations in these activities just like yesterday. Sports and Games played Gasebolf on DK Field, which involves teeing off a tennis ball with a golf club on home plate and then running the bases backward. Just another example of a fun game made up by our counselors over the years.

We ended 3rd period early this morning in order to announce teams and pass out shirts. Lunch was awesome today, chicken gyros including homemade red pepper hummus! This afternoon will be three more activity periods, finishing up the orientations for all their activities.

Tonight after dinner will be the first D session game of all camp Scalp. It’s hands-down one of campers’ favorite games, where all four teams try to pull the flags of the other three teams before everyone on their team is out. We play 11 and under on the baseball field and 12 and up on the soccer field. There is always lots of excitement in the dining room when Scalp is announced.

Photos from this session can be found on our Shutterfly site. And just as an FYI, we typically upload photos each night and share them in the morning. So there will be new photos every day, but they will usually be from the day before. Northwoods internet isn’t always the greatest, so uploading them at night works the best. We are glad to hear that so many parents enjoy and appreciate our blog and photos!

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