The Joy of Running

Each session that begins at Deerhorn, kids are excited to be here. They wake up early on the first day (ok, maybe every day!) and are so excited to get the action started. But D session has its own energy and heightened level of excitement. Maybe it’s because the kids have been waiting all summer to finally come to camp, or because on average it’s a younger session, but nonetheless, they are excited!

And nowhere is it more apparent than in how they get from one activity to another. They run. They run because they are so excited to see what’s next. They run because they have the freedom to be independent and follow their own schedule. They run for the joy of running. We all could use more of that joy in our life…the need to run from one place to the next because we are SO excited to get there! They find joy in the activities, but they also find joy in the journey to get there…the fun of just running!

Breakfast this morning was a big one, with sausage and egg bagel sandwiches, coffee cake, and tater tots…perfect to fill up bellies that were ready for action! After breakfast, kids went back to get their koogees clean, then came to the lodge to find out what activity group they were in.

Kids will have six activity periods today and a different six tomorrow. The only one they have every day is Sports and Games, where they play a different sport or game every day, and two activity groups are combined. Today, Sports and Games played World Cup Soccer. Kids who don’t choose to do riding will go to golf instead.

After lunch, kids will have a meeting where they go over all of the camp rules. Tonight after dinner will be some koogee competitions sporting events while the leaders scout. They will pick teams late tonight and then we’ll announce those tomorrow. The 22 kids who stayed over from C session are headed to the waterpark in Wausau today, so they were really excited! The sun is shining and the day is warming up, and D session is literally off and running!

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