The 2019 Chariots of Fire

The teams were drafted Friday night and kids were so excited to find out what teams they were on yesterday. Veteran campers know that the announcement of teams means they get to play Scalp that night…whooping and hollering in the … Continued

Off and Running!

Many of our B session kids were up early this morning, ready to get the fun started. We had make-your-own burritos for breakfast, complete with homemade salsa, eggs, sausage, and potatoes. Lunch was pulled pork and onion rings. The 33 … Continued

The Beginning of B

And now it’s time to do it all over again! We were grateful for good weather for most of today for our opening day of B session. They are calling for rain tonight, but we will hope most of it … Continued


Closing day of a session is always an adventure, but yesterday the universe decided to throw a little extra chaos our way when there was a huge area-wide internet outage that lasted the entire day. It made communication a little … Continued


This session has just flown by and it’s hard to believe it ends tomorrow. The day dawned sunny and warm again today, and breakfast was sausage and egg bagel sandwiches and tater tots. This morning was the last three periods … Continued

The Brotherhood

Some people come to camp with friends. Others come with their brothers or cousins. And some come to Deerhorn knowing no one at all. But however campers arrive at Deerhorn, the brotherhood is waiting for everyone. Deerhorn is referred to … Continued

2019 Treasure Hunt

Sundays look a little different at Camp Deerhorn. For starters, we get to sleep in an hour, with the bell ringing at 8:15 and breakfast at 9. After breakfast, kids enjoy some rare free time around camp. There were lots … Continued

The Fun of a Koogee

We managed to get all of the koogee photos accomplished yesterday. Sometimes it’s a bit like wrangling cats. 😉 They love having koogee photos taken, and it’s so fun to see personalities come out as they do silly faces and … Continued

Having a Blast

The sun is still shining, and activities are in full swing. Some days, we just rejoice in the routine, the smiles around us, and the friendships being made. Some days we love simply sharing the pictures of the fun that … Continued


This A session is just flying by. The weather has been amazing, friends are helping friends through homesickness, and everywhere you look, kids are smiling and running to their next activity because they are so excited to get there. The … Continued