Closing day of a session is always an adventure, but yesterday the universe decided to throw a little extra chaos our way when there was a huge area-wide internet outage that lasted the entire day. It made communication a little trickier around here, so we apologize for any delay responding to emails. It also reminded us that although we strive to be screen free around here,  our business is definitely inextricably tied to the internet! While it made our lives a little more difficult yesterday, more importantly the 32 kids who spent the afternoon in Minocqua had no clue and couldn’t have cared less! They had a great time at the lumberjack show, playing putt putt, having pizza for dinner, and watching the Min-Aqua Bats water ski show. The weather cooperated and everybody had a great time!

We ended our A session with a great awards breakfast, passing out awards for patches earned with stars and Most Improved patches in each activity. Hudson Vargas won the 11 and under tennis tournament, and Danny Birmingham won the 12 and up tennis tournament. Spirit awards went to Leo Smyth for juniors, Nathan Arena for intermediates, and Matthew Alcantara for seniors.  Outstanding Camper trophies went to Hudson Vargas for juniors, Channing Walter for intermediates, and Jack Savino for seniors. All videos from award speeches are posted on our Facebook page.

The Apache won A session, followed by the Iroquois, Chippewa, and Navajo. Team totals can always be found on our Team Comp Page of our website.

It was sad to say goodbye to friends yesterday, but the kids who stayed over are ready to greet new friends and make new ones as 104 new campers show up today.  We will post another update later today about the start of B session. The sun is shining right now and we hope it stays that way all day!


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