And just like that, the summer of 2022 has come to a close. It was an amazing summer filled with friendships, fun, and boys just being boys. It has been a hard two years for kids, and we know that they need camp more than ever. We are so glad that we are able to […]

A Fun-Filled Finale

The weather didn’t exactly cooperate for our final full day of the summer of 2022. It dawned grey and cloudy and raining. Luckily most of the rain stopped by breakfast, though it did continue to just kind of spit off and on for the rest of the day. But dads and sons didn’t let a […]

Full Days

One of the things that I often hear at Father Son camp is how astonished dads are at how much you can pack into a day at Deerhorn. Today dawned cool and windy, and it remained so most of the day, but the rain held off. But the cool weather didn’t stop the fun, even […]

Best for Last

Dads at Father Son 4 like to say we save the best for last. We can’t officially say that, but one thing we do love about Father Son 4 is that we are able to be even more fully present than other sessions. There is nothing left to get ready for or prep. The last […]

Time Flies

We woke to a cool morning with blue skies and sunshine, and it quickly warmed to an amazingly gorgeous day. Today was our guided fishing day, so dads and sons had a great time fishing with our professional guides, hunting for that elusive musky, the fish of 10,o00 casts. There weren’t any muskies landed today, […]

The Sun Came Out

This morning dawned cool and overcast. We didn’t have any rain, so activities went on uninterrupted…but it was definitely a cool, cloudy morning. Once lunchtime arrived, however, the sun came out, the skies cleared, and it was a gorgeous, warm, blue sky afternoon. Dads and sons enjoyed a full day of activities, everything from sailing […]

Father Son Fun in the Sun

We really love these last two Father Son camps. Our summer is mostly over and we can truly enjoy four days spent with dads and sons, rather than ramping up for a full summer as we do in June. As per usual, it’s a great mix of new families and returning ones. Some have kids […]

The 2022 Water Campfire

Apologies for no blog yesterday. The last full day of this session was crazy busy, wrapping up the session and preparing for the Water Campfire last night. Yesterday was a great final full day of D session. Kids had regular activities in the morning, then spent rest hour packing up. The afternoon entailed three afternoons […]


Well, we finally did it. We finally wore out the D session kids. It took a full week, but this morning was the first day that I filled the gatorade machine alone at 7am, and there were no kids on the tennis courts or playing basketball. They were finally tired enough that they slept until […]

Brothers at Deerhorn

I always take brother pictures each session. But this session when I announced that I was taking brother pictures after breakfast, I couldn’t believe how many kids showed up. I guess I hadn’t looked at a list to realize how many brothers there are at Deerhorn together for D session. I counted 26 sets of […]