Brothers at Deerhorn

I always take brother pictures each session. But this session when I announced that I was taking brother pictures after breakfast, I couldn’t believe how many kids showed up. I guess I hadn’t looked at a list to realize how many brothers there are at Deerhorn together for D session. I counted 26 sets of brothers, some with two and others with three. It’s so awesome to see so many brothers sharing Deerhorn together! I shared all of the pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages. They are also on our Shutterfly site, of course. Please note, I don’t make a list and cross them off. I make the announcement for all brothers to meet me outside the lodge. Most show up, but not all, for various reasons…not the least of which is that they are too busy running off to do the next fun thing!

But another cool thing that happens when I make that announcement is that kids show up who just want to have their photo taken together. Kids of all ages, staff included. Deerhorn brothers, who want their picture taken with their good buddy.  It’s pretty fun to see.

It’s hard to believe there are only two more full days of this session. Ten day sessions fly by in a flash. We’ll be packing up Friday and heading home Saturday. But these kids sure pack a lot of fun and energy into just ten days!


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