Well, we finally did it. We finally wore out the D session kids. It took a full week, but this morning was the first day that I filled the gatorade machine alone at 7am, and there were no kids on the tennis courts or playing basketball. They were finally tired enough that they slept until the bell…or at least stayed in their koogee until the bell rang at 7:15. It has been a whirlwind of a week. Kids are working hard in activities, trying to earn those final stars.

Breakfast this morning was pancakes and bacon. Lunch was philly cheesesteak sandwiches and fries, and dinner was pulled pork and corn on the cob. It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for waterfront activities and everything else. At dinner tonight, we celebrated Dick Kinney’s 40th year. He’s a true Deerhorn legend, and has taught thousands of kids how to waterski over the past 40 years. He works tirelessly to do things every day that make camp better. We are all better people for knowing Dick Kinney, and the words “thank you” just aren’t big enough to hold our gratitude. We love you, Coach.

After dinner tonight was the counselor show. Kids LOVE the counselor show, as our staff get goofy and put on skits and songs that keep kids laughing the whole night. Here are some more pictures of all the fun with friends happening around camp just today.






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