Time Flies

We woke to a cool morning with blue skies and sunshine, and it quickly warmed to an amazingly gorgeous day. Today was our guided fishing day, so dads and sons had a great time fishing with our professional guides, hunting for that elusive musky, the fish of 10,o00 casts. There weren’t any muskies landed today, but kids caught lots of smaller fish like rock bass, and had fun just being out on the lake with our guides. Activities ran all day, so once again the day was full of Rave launches, sails, skis, horseback rides, and lots of other activities. After dinner tonight we will have fathers vs kids vs staff Braveheart, which is always a highlight. We’ll round out today with another great Deerhorn campfire. We’re not totally sure how it’s possible that this session ends tomorrow. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun…sometimes so much fun that you have to catch a quick nap on the fishing boat!




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