We are going to miss these E session boys when they go home tomorrow. They are full of shenanigans, but good ones, and they bring a renewed energy and spirit into camp for the week they are here. ¬†They are … Continued

No Time to Waste!

The photo pretty much sums up the response you will get from our E session boys when you ask them how camp is going. ¬†They are loving camp and are squeezing as much into each day as possible. Sunday morning, … Continued

The Happiest Place on Earth…

…is not Disney World. Anyone who has waited for 2 hours in the Florida heat just to snap a picture with Rapunzel knows that. And anyone who has spent time at Deerhorn could tell you that they’ve found it, the … Continued

Attack of the Sioux

Today’s Sunday event was Attack of the Sioux. At camp, we have four camp teams, the Apache, Chippewa, Navajo, and Iroquois. Today the staff formed a 5th team, the Sioux. The event consisted of three periods of team competition, including … Continued

E Session!

Our E session campers arrived today. We will miss the Voyagers while they are away, but we love inviting 12 new guys into the Deerhorn family, and showing them how great camp is. These boys are 7-10 and are coming … Continued


Our Voyagers left this morning at 7:15, very excited to finally be heading off on their kayaking adventure in Lake Superior. They will spend the next 8 days kayaking in the Apostle Islands, one of the most beautiful spots in … Continued

Not Just Propaganda

After I graduated from college, I took a job teaching in Chicago. I was still working at camp every summer, so during the winter, when the Broadbridges would come to Chicago to do video presentations, I went to every one … Continued

The Perfect Ratio

Carl Anderson went out to the Rave with the kids at general swim this afternoon. One of those kids was Leo, who is less than 1/3 the size of Carl. To be more exact, Carl weighs about 3.5 times more … Continued

Jam Packed!

Our days at Deerhorn are simply busting at the seams with activity…saturated with experiences and friends and laughter. The Lake Superior Trip got back around 5:00 and everyone said the trip was amazing! They slept in tents but because the … Continued