The Happiest Place on Earth…

…is not Disney World. Anyone who has waited for 2 hours in the Florida heat just to snap a picture with Rapunzel knows that. And anyone who has spent time at Deerhorn could tell you that they’ve found it, the happiest place on Earth. We had parents visiting last week and their son showed them around camp for an hour or so. They had only been at camp for a short time, but their statement to me was that “It’s just so happy here. Everyone seems so calm and laid back, like they are just here to have fun.” It’s the power of positivity. It’s infectious and we’ve all caught the bug. The beauty of summer camp is that there is a camp out there for everyone. Not everyone decides that Deerhorn is the right place for them. There are other camps who have better athletes…who offer more specialized sports programs…who are highly competitive and offer kids an “edge” in sports by practicing that sport all summer. We are not that camp.  We simply are a camp where we all try to “be a good person,” as Jesse Webb challenged us to do yesterday in his Sunday talk. We try hard to get along with each other, to respect each other’s differences, and to embrace people for who they are. Life is not perfect here, but it is good. And it’s one of my favorite parts of my job, capturing those moments on film to share with parents.  Sometimes kids know I am taking a picture and willingly offer up their emotions for all to see…


Other times I get to be the paparazzi, and capture moments of joy without them even knowing I am there.


THAT is the best of my job…when the work we do displays itself proudly in the faces of the boys who are here having the absolute time of their life.

Breakfast this morning was hash browns, and lunch was everyone’s favorite of grilled cheese and tomato soup. Sports & Games played Klepton on the soccer field. When your son gets home from camp, ask him to explain Klepton, which is one of campers’ favorite games to play.  It wasn’t a super warm day, but the sun shone all day and for that we are grateful. Life is good. At Deerhorn, life is better.

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