Not Just Propaganda

After I graduated from college, I took a job teaching in Chicago. I was still working at camp every summer, so during the winter, when the Broadbridges would come to Chicago to do video presentations, I went to every one of them I could. I loved getting up in front of all those people and talking about camp…how much I loved it, how incredible it was, how much joy it had brought to my life. I talked about camp to anyone who would listen.  I wanted people to understand that what the Broadbridges were telling people was REAL and true and good.

Now I am one of those Broadbridges and it’s my job to get up at video presentations and talk about camp. The most frustrating part of those presentations for me is feeling like I’m not seen as unbiased, but more as if I’m trying to sell something. My greatest wish when I do those talks is that people will be able to see my Truth…that my love for camp is real and that I believe in the power of the camp experience with every bone in my body.  We don’t want to sound like salesmen when we talk about camp, people get enough of that already. We don’t want to join the ranks of politicians, solicitors, door-to-door salesmen, and all of those dreaded spam emails flooding your inbox.

We know a summer at camp is expensive. So we want parents to see that a summer at camp isn’t just a fun two weeks, it’s an investment in your son’s future. We love hearing stories from parents of how camp has changed their son, how he has grown.

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