No Time to Waste!

The photo pretty much sums up the response you will get from our E session boys when you ask them how camp is going.  They are loving camp and are squeezing as much into each day as possible. Sunday morning, when the rest of us tried to sleep in until 8:15, those boys were up sweeping at 6:15am, focused and intent on winning inspection for the week so they could go see a movie…Sweeping at 6:15am!  I’ve asked several of them what their favorite part about camp is and their response has been “Everything!” Even when pressed, they are unable to pick just one thing. This morning after breakfast, several of them went running from the lodge back to their koogee, with one of them yelling “HURRY! There’s no time to waste!” You got it, my friend, you are right. There is no time to waste.  How cool to watch 7-10 year olds remind us to live in the moment and squeeze every ounce of fun out of the day that they can.

Voyagers checked in this morning, and everyone is doing well and having fun. Weather has been a little bit of a factor, with winds forcing them to stay on Sand Island an extra night on Sunday. Last night they stayed on Basswood, and rains came through today forcing them to stay another night on Basswood tonight. But everyone is safe and happy, and our leaders take no chances when it comes to the safety of our campers.

Back at camp, we all enjoyed pancakes for breakfast, and there was a lot of excitement about corn dogs for lunch. This camp director is not a fan, but I am definitely in the minority. 🙂 Dinner was lasagna. Sports & Games played World Cup soccer on the soccer field. We had a few brief storms come through, so one period of activities was forced inside, but they passed quickly and activities resumed.

2 thoughts on “No Time to Waste!

    I love reading about all the exciting activities that my grandsons are doing…loving every minute of camp..just as their father did over 30 years ago. It just makes my heart BURST!

    HI Kristie! Jack & James are having an absolute blast…as you can tell from the photo! They are really nice boys and we love having them here!

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