We are going to miss these E session boys when they go home tomorrow. They are full of shenanigans, but good ones, and they bring a renewed energy and spirit into camp for the week they are here.  They are fun-loving, giggly, happy kids. I went to their koogees today to ask them to help me with some video shots. Koogee 11 decided that they should do some of their videos in British accents. Who knows why? But they were all laughing hysterically the whole time. (Yes, the video shoot did not quite go as planned.) At any rate, we hope they will come back next year to stay for longer. Looking at them, the future of Deerhorn is bright!

We all enjoyed the most beautiful weather today at camp. Perfect 79 degrees with a breeze off the lake and the most gorgeous red-orange sunset. Breakfast was omelets & toast & lunch was BLTs. Sports & Games played Quidditch on the soccer field today. At the height of the Harry Potter craze, our Sports & Games counselors created the game one summer and it has stuck around to the great delight of our campers. Three hula hoops are hung on the soccer goals, and kids are trying to score goals through those hoops. There are tennis racquets with dodgeballs as “Bludgers”, and someone gets to run all over camp as the “Golden Snitch” while the “Seekers” try to find him to end the game. Kids absolutely love it and it reminds us of the amazing creativity of our staff.

We have been blessed with an amazing summer thus far and we are grateful. We look forward to welcoming more boys to our 10 day session next week!

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